About GOHU

What is GOHU?

GOHU is an e-store which is established to meet all office supplies and stationery needs of an office / company.

GOHU does not work with street store logic. Instead, GOHU works with storage logic so that the costs arising from store expenses and personnels can be minimized and these price advantages directly reflect on the products.

GOHU works with stock ideology, thereby the effects of seasonal price movements can be minimized. GOHU always aims to offer the best price to the customers.

GOHU Vision

To be able to create a production network that can produce the most technological and top quality products in the field of office supplies and stationery in the future.

GOHU Mission

In the office materials and stationery field, GOHU is to come together with the best manufacturers in the world, to supply the best quality products of these manufacturers, to offer them to the taste of GOHU’s customers and to do this at the most affordable price.