Carioca Jumbo Felt Paint Pen 18

Carioca Jumbo Super Washable Felt Pen 18 Color
Manufacturer: Carioca
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Carioca Jumbo Super Washable Felt Paint Pen 18

Includes 18 pieces of 18 colors.
The jumbo felt-tip pens with a 6 mm tip are designed so that small children can easily hold and paint thanks to their octagonal forms.
The ink inside is made of non-toxic material and does not contain any harmful substance for child health.
Thanks to its super washability, the tendon can be easily removed by washing only with water without the need for soap.
Also, traces left on clothes can be easily cleaned by washing.
There are specially designed holes on the covers to provide air passage.
Thanks to this system, the ink in the pen does not dry out.
Thanks to the special tip protection system, the tip of the pen is not easily broken.
All substances used in the production of pens and inks contained in them are colored only using food coloring.
Plastic parts are also fully recyclable.

It is produced in Italy.

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