Uni-Ball EYE Fine UB-157 Black

Uni-Ball EYE Fine UB-157 Black
Manufacturer: Uni-Ball
Delivery date: 1-2 Days
10,94 ₺

EYE Fine UB-157 Black

Capability of continuing to write without interruption as soon as you take it with the ink, which does not dry for a long time even if the cover is forgotten open
Uninterrupted and controlled Uni Ink Flow System that allows you to write fluently until the last drop of ink
Uni Super Ink, which protects your writings, signatures and valuable documents against chemicals, is resistant to water dispersion, light fading effects
Windowed body that allows to see the amount of ink remaining

Writing width : 0.50 mm
Tip size : 0.70 mm
Ink Color: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Burgundy, Purple

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